Morrell Printing is a Full Service print shop capable of handling all print jobs, big or small. We provide:

Offset Printing
Full Color Digital Printing
Copy Services
Large Format Printing
Pre-press Design Services
Bindery Services
Vinyl Signs
Mailing Services

Offset Printing

What is offset printing?
Offset printing is a widely used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or offset) from a plate first to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.

When to use offset?
Offset printing has many advantages including color printing with specific color matching, a wide variety of printing substrates available and a low per unit cost. However it generally requires more production time and a greater initial set up cost.

What kind of equipment?
Quality equipment directly effects the quality of the finished piece. At Morrell Printing Solutions we use the absolute best, which in the printing world is Heidelbergs. State of the art equipment along with a skilled staff allows us to deliver the very best.

What can it do?
Business stationery including letterhead, business cards and envelopes, newsletters, carbonless forms, brochures, catalogs, holiday cards, labels, posters, menus, and more.

Full Color Digital Printing

What is digital color printing?
Digital color printing is a printing process that allows color printing directly from an electronic file without the need for film or color separations.

When to use digital color printing?
Digital printing is great for small runs of 4 color documents. This process is more cost effective for lower quantity full color jobs. With the most advanced digital printing technology our digital printing is a high quality alternative to offset printing. Digital printing also allows for the use of variable data and personalization.

What kind of equipment?
Xerox iGen4 Press
Xerox 240

What can it do?
Digital printing allows us to print on a wide variety of media including coated and uncoated
paper, label stock, and carbonless forms. With this technology we print business cards,
brochures, flyers, postcards, and newsletters.

Copy Services

What are copy services?
Copy services include black and white copying.
This is quick and cheap replacement for black and white offset press jobs.

When to use copy printing?
Copy printing should be used when there are small quantities with many pages. This is great for projects that contain variable data.

What kind of equipment?
Morrell Printing Solutions has 3 - 85 page per minute self serve copiers as well as:
Xerox DocuTech 6100
Xerox Nuvera 120 EA

What can it do?
Copy Services can do everything from printing simple one page documents to stapling multiple documents. We offer a wide range of bindery services to finish your documents including collating, hole punching, and spiral binding.

Large Format Printing

What is Large Format printing?
Large format printing consists of banners, signs, trade show displays, and blueprints. These prints can be mounted to foam core and laminated. Large format printing is great for full color advertisements and displays, as well as single color CAD prints.

When to use Fine Art printing?
Fine art printing (also know as "giclee") is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. It merges the use of professional grade large format printers with archival pigment inks, acid free watercolor papers and canvas.

What kind of equipment?
Canon IPF 9000 - 12 ink color printer
What file types are preferred?
.jpg, .psd (flattened), .tiff, .ai (outlined), .pdf

Pre-press Design Services

What is pre-press?
Pre-press is the process used to prepare files for printing. This includes typesetting, design, retouching, file manipulation, and imposition.

What software is used?
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office

What files we accept?
Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps)
Adobe InDesign (.indd)
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .tiff)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt)
Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Bindery Services

Comb Binding
A method of securing loose printed pages using a piece of plastic with "teeth" that fit into rectangular holes in the paper.

Spiral Binding
A methods of securing loose printed pages using a plastic spiral wire and allows the book to lay flat.

Perforation is for jobs requiring tear-offs or coupons. Perfs must run the length of the sheet.

Saddle Stitch
This method produces booklets that fold in half with the stitches on the fold.

Scoring is needed before folding if the job is printed on cover weight stock, to create an accurate and neat fold line.

Vinyl Signs

What is Vinyl Lettering?
Vinyl lettering is a thin plastic film that is die cut to display wording.

When can it be used for?
Vinyl lettering has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for banners, signs, vehicle lettering, and vehicle magnets.

What we offer?
We offer vinyl banners, vinyl on white metal signs, and do it yourself vinyl.

Where can I put vinyl?
Vinyl can be applied to many surfaces including glass, metal, and vehicles.

High Performance Vinyl
2 mil. thickness, lifetime up to 9 years. Good for vehicle lettering, and windows
Intermediate Vinyl.
3 mil. thickness, lifetime up to 6 years. Good for flat surfaces like vehicle lettering, and windows.

Raster Format
A pixel based image represented by a series of bits of information which translate into pixels on the screen. These pixels form points of color which create an overall finished image.

Vector Format
A file format containing scalable images usually created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. Required format for vinyl cutting.

A thin plastic film that is cut and used to make banners and signs. Vinyl comes in many different colors.

Mailing Services

What mailing services are offered?
Morrell Printing Solutions offers a full range of mailing services to meet your company’s marketing, campaign, fundraising or information service efforts.

When to use mailing services?
Mailing services should be used when you have a large bulk mailing with variable addresses. With Morrell we can see your project from start to finish. We will design, print, address, and mail your product.

Why use Morrell for my mailing?
At Morrell Printing Solutions we make mailing easy for you. We have the equipment to fold, address, stuff, and stamp envelopes. We also transport your final product to the post office.

What can it do?
We do everything including
postcards, newsletters, stuffed envelopes, and much more...